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Welcome to TechAdvocate Solutions Client Services

This area is dedicated to helping our clients, potential clients, or anyone needing some technical help.   Come back here often to get the latest security threats, tech tips, and other cool stuff from TechAdvocate Solutions.

Online Payments

Would you like to accept online payments from your website?

Let TAS help you setup secure and convenient online payments from your website. It's easier and more affordable than you might think. Your clients can make payments in just a few clicks of a mouse and you don't have to worry about making trips to the bank to deposit paper checks. Everybody wins!
If you are a TechAdvocate Solutions clients, we accepts payments for any service or invoice through

Click the button below to make a payment. A Paypal account is not required.

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE about our Website Solutions.

TAS Outlook Email Service

Support for TAS Outlook/Exchange Email Service

This sections provides support for TAS Outlook/Exchange Email clients.
Click here for Outlook Web Access (OWA) to your e-mailbox.
You will be propmted to enter your full e-mailbox name and current password.
For everything you want to know about Outlook, click here to visit
Outlook Web Access Online Help for Browsers access to Outlook
Frequently Asked Questions Page for Outlook/Exchange users
You will be propmted to enter your full e-mailbox name and current password.

Tech Tip

Keep Windows up-to-date.

It's a crazy computer world out there. One of the best things you can do to protect yourself is keep your Windows up-to-date. In Windows XP, right-click My Computer, choose Properties, Automatic Updates, and make sure Automatic updates is enabled.
Also, at least once a month your should visit the following website:
Let the site scan your system, and then download anything labeled 'Critical'.

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