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Here are just a few websites that were developed by TechAdvocate Solutions and are currently hosted on LanternTec servers. LanternTec is a Web Hosting/Server Company owned and operated by TechAdvocate Solutions. We have our own hosting company and will not ship your website to a third party in a far-away place for web hosting.

WordPress Websites

Platinum Seminars http://www.platinumseminars.com/
Two Wheel Adventures http://www.twowheeladventures.com/
LIT Property Services http://www.livingintown.com/
Zumba Atlanta http://www.zumbaatlanta.com/
The Thrifters http://www.thethrifters.net/
Pimsler Hoss Architects http://www.pimslerhoss.com/
Areté Global Consulting http://www.areteglobalconsulting.com/
Trinity Body http://www.trinitybody.com/
Team Trinity Fitness http://teamtrinityfitness.com/
Osher Medicine Center http://www.osher.ucsf.edu/
Katrina Kelly Jewelry http://www.katrinakellyblog.com/
The Jewelers Grind http://www.jewelersgrind.com/
The Fry Law Firm http://www.thefrylawfirm.com/
Sovereign Risk Solutions http://www.sovereignrisksolutions.com/
Kinderdance Atlanta http://www.kinderdanceatlanta.com/
Shawn Thompson Designs http://www.shawnthompsondesigns.com/
North Atlanta Cleaning http://www.northatlantacleaning.com/
DavidJayne.net http://www.davidjayne.net/
American Afterlife http://www.americanafterlifebook.com/
Hollis Gillespie Academy http://www.shockingreallife.com/
Rx for Events http://www.rxforevents.com/
Douglas Weiss Interiors http://www.rxforevents.com/
T. Douglas Gurley MD http://www.tdouglasgurleymd.com/
Capital Corporate Gifts (Ecommerce) http://www.capgifts.com/
Johnson Garrison Accounting http://www.johnson-garrison.com/
Gay Dating Success http://www.gaydatingsuccess.net/
Handmade Body Care http://www.handmadebodycare.com/
Kingdom Prayer http://www.kingdomprayer.com/
Kate Keib Communications http://www.katekeib.com/
FAS Tek Compliance http://www.fastekteam.com/
Antiques and Beyond http://www.antiquesandbeyond.com/
Daron Village Apartments http://www.daronvillage.com/
Windwood Apartments http://www.windwoodapts.com/
Biology of Technology http://www.biologyoftechnology.com/

Custom HTML Websites

Blair Oglesby Photography http://www.blairoglesby.com/
Vermilion Designs Interiors http://www.vermiliondesignsinteriors.com/
Click-a-Class Blog http://www.clickaclass.com
The Certus Group http://www.certus-group.com/
Mike Alvear Website http://www.michaelalvear.com/
Judy Neukrug - Painting http://www.finishedpainting.com/

Bi-lingual Custom Website

Chris Westmoreland http://www.criminalattorneyclearwater.com/
Chris Westmoreland (Espanol) http://www.midefensacriminal.com/

Websites Sponsered by TAS
We support orgainzations that give back to the community. Contact us to see if your organization qualifies for discount web hosting.

Little 5 Points Community Center http://www.l5pcc.org/
Family Acceptance http://www.familyacceptance.com/
A Beer for Breakfast http://www.abeerforbreakfast.com/
Women Healing Women http://www.surviving2thriving.org/
Change One Life Blog http://blog.changeonelife.org/
John Hembree Blog http://www.johnhembree.com/

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